Lisa Daniel
     Certification by Gary Craig, 
                EFT founder


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  High Blood Pressure - 200 /140 reduced in less than 10 minutes to 140/90
I used EFT on an elderly woman with extremely high blood pressure.  There was a medical doctor in her house at the
    time and he  took her pressure before we began doing EFT.  Her pressure was 200/140 which I was told was extremely
    high. We did EFT for less thatn 10 minutes, at which point he tested her again and this time her pressure had gone  
    down to 140/90.  He explained that this reading was considered a normal high.  She was taking medication for high blood
   pressure but it was obviously not  working.  I asked him if high blood pressure medication can bring down high blood pressure
   this quickly ( less than 10 minutes ) and he said no, never.  The sad thing was that he did not have any interest ot curiosity  in the fact that EFT was able to accomplish this so quickly when medical drugs can not.  I guess if EFT came in a bottle and could be patented by a big Pharmaceutical company and they could charge a huge amount for it, he would have been interested.    Needless to say, I had to tap on myself afterward to cope with the frustration I felt as a result of the  lack of curiosity of this medical doctor who was present for this EFT miracle.